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Mailing Lists

We have four mailing lists and you are responsible for managing your subscriptions to each.

Joining a List

You join a list by way of your ACFUG profile. If you already have an account, you can log in to manage your profile.

If you don't yet have a site profile, you can create a new one. You would create a profile for each email address that you want to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from any of our lists. Please note the following before subscribing:

  • Please do not subscribe with an email address on which you ever use any type of automated responses. Instead, please subscribe with an address that corresponds to an account on which you do not ever use any type of automated responses. This will prevent the rest of the 400+ people on each list from finding out about your "business trip" to Las Vegas each time someone posts.
  • Please do not subscribe with an email address which makes use of a spam filter that requires new senders to confirm their email addresses. Most posters will find the confirmation emails they get from your spam filter annoying and most won't accede to your spam filter's demand that their email addresses be confirmed.

List Descriptions

  • Announcements: ACFUG uses this list to keep subscribers informed about upcoming meetings and news about new books and discounts. This list is not a group discussion list--only ACFUG Board members can post to this list.
  • Community: This list is a water cooler. Serious topics sometimes, silly comments others. Sometimes off topic messages from the discussion list are moved here.
  • Discussion: The main list for discussion of Coldfusion and other (closely) related topics. There are over 400 experts on hand with answers to your programming and other related questions to help you learn more about Coldfusion development. Share tips, ask questions and offer opinions or guidance. Topics such as job information, industry debates, requests for survey participants and other off topic messages should be posted to the community list for discussion (or further discussion if a thread digresses). Subjects lines need to be clear as to the focus of the email, so that mail filters can treat messages appropriately. Note: on a busy day this list can have over 50 messages, on a slow day it could have no traffic. We strongly recommend you create a mail filter to move any messages from into their own dedicated folder.
  • Jobs: This list is for those seeking work and those looking to hire someone.
If you missed it, please see the information above about joining or submitting messages to any of these lists.

List Archives

The ACFUG lists are now archived at Go search coldfusion topics and discussions from years past.

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